Problem Statement
Data lost?
Having problem to integrate ZKTeco devices to your software?
New hardware models not supporting existing SDK or API?
Businesses all go cloud, but where are ZKTeco cloud solutions?
The Solutions
Smart DBS & its Cloud Ecosystem
Smart DBS Completes the Transfer of
Face Template
Fingerprint Template
Mask Detection Record
Cloud Solutions Integration
Access Cards Data
Palm Template
Cloud Solutions Integration
Images of Registered & Unregistered User
The Advantages of a Smart DBS Integrated System
Data Centralization
Spacious Data Storage
Quick Integration with Cloud Solutions
Efficient Web Management of Data
Flexible Management Anywhere Anytime
Utilize latest Java Programming language
Function with Linux server, MySql Database
Supported models
Most of the ZKTeco devices can go cloud easily.

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Cloud Developer Programme
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Cloud Solutions & Ecosystem
ZKTeco offers the world class cloud solutions

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Cloud Solution Partners
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